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Northern Exposures


Wolf Head Pendant.
A must for the wolf lover. Includes 20" box chain.

No. R313PD -- Sterling Silver


No. RG313PD 14k Gold



Bear Head Pendant.
Great for a bear hug. Includes 20" box chain.

No. R317PD -- Sterling Silver


No. RG317PD -- 14k Gold



Doe & Fawn Pin.
One of the forest's most beautiful sights. Perfect gift for the gentle nature lover.

No. R326PI -- Sterling Silver


No. RG326PI -- 14k Gold



Moose Pin.
Tallest inhabitant of the forests. A must for "Northern Exposure" fans.

No. R318PI -- Sterling Silver


No. RG318PI -- 14k Gold




Beaver Pin.
Busy architect of the wild. An ideal gift for industrious ones.

No. R221PI -- Sterling Silver


No. RG221PI -- 14k Gold



Howling Wolf Pin.
Classic pose of wolf howling at a full moon. One of the most mysterious and beautiful beasts of the wild.

No. R314PI -- Sterling Silver


No. RG314PI -- 14k Gold



Running Wolf Pin.
Is fast as the wind on a chambray shirt.

No. R311PI -- Sterling Silver


No. RG311PI -- 14k Gold



Mother Bear & Cub Pin.
Cekebrates the nurturing and fiercely protective love of a mother bear for her cub.

No. R315PI -- Sterling Silver


No. RG315PI -- 14k Gold



Lone Wolf Pin.
Keeps a watchful eye on your blazer.

No. R312PI -- Sterling Silver


No. RG312PI -- 14k Gold



Ram Pin.
Rugged mountaineer, polished to perfection.

No. R340PI -- Sterling Silver


No. RG340PI --14k Gold



Elk Pin.
Majestic. Looks beautiful on a red sweater at Christmas. Pin or bolo tie.

No. R232PI -- Sterling Silver


No. RG232PI -- 14k Gold


No. R232BO -- Sterling Silver Bolo Tie


Northern Exposures