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Roger Nichols is an avid admirer of wildlife and the natural environment. He has great concerns about the rapid depletion of our planet's resources, especially its wildlife and virgin forests. Some of his designs depict significant flora and fauna of the Northwest, and two species--the Northern Spotted Owl and Coho Salmon--have been put on the list of endangered species. Although his primary goal is to make jewelry that is beautiful, elegant, and fun to wear, he hopes that some pieces make a gentle statement, and can be worn by those who care about these issues.

Roger Nichols is also a successful composer. He moved from the fast lane in Los Angeles to Bend, Oregon in 1987 and lives with his wife, Terri and their three daughters, Claire, Caroline and Caitlin along the banks of the Deschutes River. He turned his lifelong interest in jewelry into a full time business in 1989.

He has written many songs, but his well-known classics are:

We've Only Just Begun*

The Carpenters

Rainy Days and Mondays*

The Carpenters

I Won't Last a Day Without You*

The Carpenters, Barbra Streisand

Let Me Be the One*

The Carpenters

Out in the Country*

Three Dog Night

The Times of Your Life**

Paul Anka

*lyrics by Paul Williams

**lyrics by Bill Lane

He has three gold records, two Grammy nominations and one Emmy nomination to his credit. He continues to write music while running the jewelry business. Collaborating with his wife, playwright, Terri Nichols, and playwright, Sheila O'Connell-Roussell, he has recently completed two musicals: Herstory: The Mother's Tale and Back to Eden.