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Otter Water Ballet Company


Playful Otters Pendant.
Two loving otters leisurely frolic with acrobatic flair so characteristic of otter family. This is one of our best sellers. Pendant includes a 20" box chain. Pin also available and is a favorite.

No. R201PD -- Sterling Silver Pendant


No. R201PI -- Sterling Silver Pin


No. RG201PD -- 14k Gold Pendant


No. RG201PI -- 14k Gold Pin



Swimming Otters Pin.
Pair of otters gracefully glide through the water in fun-loving play. Designed as a pin only. Graceful on a coat.

No. R202PI -- Sterling Silver


No. RG202PI -- 14k Gold



Sea Otter in Kelp Pin.
This sea otter floats in a lavish tangle of waving kelp, looking about, and balancing with its tail. Also available as a pendant with a 20" box chain.

No. R209PI -- Sterling Silver Pin


No. RG209PI -- 14k Gold Pin


No. R209PD -- Sterling Silver Pendant


No. RG209PD -- 14k Gold Pendant



Sea Otter on Back Pendant. Endearing citizenof the sea bobs on his back while munching a snack. Includes a 20" box chain.

No. R208PD -- Sterling Silver


No. RG208PD -- 14k Gold



Otter Pin.
One of the world's most lovable animals surveying its natural habitat. Popular best seller.

No. R205PI -- Sterling Silver


No. RG205PI -- 14k Gold



The Agile Otter Pin.
A fluid swimmer, this otter slices through the cool water and makes a splash on a jacket or blouse.

No. R207PI -- Sterling Silver


No. RG207PI -- 14k Gold



Diving Otter Pin.
Wear an image of grace, a potrait of nature's own ballerina.

No. R203PI -- Sterling Silver


No. RG203PI -- 14k Gold


Otter Water Ballet Company