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Quail and More


Spotted Owl Pin.
Endangered guardian of the ancient forests.

No. R325PI -- Sterling Silver


No. RG325PI -- 14k Gold



California Poppy Pin.
Smooth and shiny as silk. A perennial favorite.

No. R331PI -- Sterling Silver


No. RG331PI



California Quail.
Pin #1

No. R235PI -- Sterling Silver


No. RG235PI -- 14k Gold



California Quail.
Pin #2

No. R330PI -- Sterling Silver


No. RG330PI -- 14k Gold



California Quail Earrings.
Post or French Wire.

No. R406 -- Sterling Silver


No. RG406



Large California Quail Pin.
This bold, stylized piece makes a fresh fashion statements.

No. RG224PI -- 14k Gold



Four Quail Pin.
A mother quail and her babies scurry across a path of fallen leaves at sunset. An eye-catching piece on a wool jacket.

No. R225PI -- Sterling Silver


Quail and More